Human Beings Are Empathic Email Address By Nature

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Human Beings Are Empathic Email Address By Nature

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And we tend to imitate the attitudes and actions of other people. If we see an image of someone showing a certain emotion, we feel that same emotion to some degree. For this reason, many brands take advantage of their landing pages to include images of people showing the emotions they want to generate email address in their audience, from a competent and in control professional to a couple madly in love. 3) Choose the colors of your landing page strategically Color psychology has spent decades studying the relationships between colors, culture and emotions. For example, we associate yellow with danger and fun, while blue relaxes us. Therefore, it is not surprising that color is of great importance in attracting customers. Ya-Color-Guide-Marketing-and-Branding Color is one of the most important elements in landing page design. To achieve the desired effect, my recommendation is that you study the values ​​associated with different colors and choose the ones that are most in tune with your brand. You can also look at the colors of brands of products similar to yours and ask email address yourself why they have chosen them.

In addition to the individual colors, it is also worth looking email address at the possible combinations between them: Monochromatic ranges : a single color in different shades and intensities. It generates a clean and minimalist effect and is not tiring to the eye. Complementary Colors – Two colors at opposite ends of the color spectrum, for example yellow and violet. It is a combination that we find pleasant, but also strident, so it is recommended to create an impact and attract attention to specific elements. Triple Gamut – Three equidistant colors in the spectrum, such as yellow, green, and blue. It creates a harmonious effect and is quite bold, although not as bold as email address complementary colors, so it can be a good middle ground for your lead page. 4) Focus on the benefits, not the solution In the end, users are looking to solve an emotional need . What matters to them is not the specific characteristics of your solution, but what it will contribute to their lives. Therefore, your landing page should focus on presenting the benefits of your product or service in a way that resonates with potential customers. A simple but very effective trick is to include a list of benefits with bullet points.


Remember to present them using emotional language, which email address connects with the needs that the user needs to solve. 5) Remember what the problem is In marketing we usually talk about "stirring up the problem", that is, reminding the user of the situation they want to solve or avoid. This makes a lot of sense from an emotional design point of view, since pain and feelings are intimately connected. Both are processed in the same area of ​​the brain and work together with the body to generate a response. Pain demands an immediate response and generates much more emotional involvement than more objective or less urgent decisions. The good news for marketers is that we don't have to feel the pain to generate this response: we just need to remind the user that the problem exists. Then, we will solve the emotional need generated by presenting our solution. 6) Use emotionally charged words Emotional design is not only in what we say, but also in how we say it. Using emotionally charged terms helps us generate leads with our web design. Choosing the right email address words depends on the emotion that we want to generate with our landing page (and that we have already defined in point 1).